In my last blog, I talked about how to do your research using the supplement ingredients.

Now, I want to talk about the second step, which is the case studies and presentations.

Here’s a reality…

One way to grab your readers by the eyeballs is through storytelling.

The question now is…how can you find good and reliable stories?

Of course, while you can create your own story, using real stories from real people and actual experiences is the best way.

And in the case of writing for the supplement market, you can use case studies and presentations from prestigious universities and medical schools.

Not only you get reliable stories to share. But you also get to understand how a person’s health improved  with the help of this specific supplement ingredient.

And with a bird’s eye view of the process, you can come up with a big idea and hook for your sales copy.

For instance, when I was doing my research for a skin care product, I learned that one of the main ingredients was olive oil.

And while doing my research, I came across one study that showed the effectiveness of olive oil in clearing black spots and wrinkles on skin. And, that improvement showed in as fast as two weeks.

Again, it gave me an aha moment!

Using the my ingredient research and the case presentations…

I came up with the headline…

Ancient Greeks’ Secret To Age Defying Skin Erases Age Spots, Wrinkles, And Fine Lines — In as Little As Two Weeks.

Now, I’ve got a headline.

At the same time, I started the sales copy with the story of the two week experiment using olive oil.

You see, writing copy for the supplement industry doesn’t need to be complicated.

Of course, it needs a little work. And, hundreds of hours to do the research.

But if you know where to go and how to find stories and angles for your next sales piece, then it will be easier to come up with great big ideas and hooks for your promotion.

So where do I get case presentations and case studies?

My personal favorite source is Google. Just go to Google and use this format: disease + case presentation (eg. heart attack case presentation).

You’ll get a lot of reliable resources with just few clicks.

Go. Try it now.