I don’t usually eavesdrop on conversations but what I heard recently while on a jeepney ride all reminded me of an important supplement copywriting lesson.

And I want to share that lesson with you.

While on my way to the mall to buy some personal stuff, I heard 4 women, aged in their 40-60s, share about their life and health.

The first woman complained she now easily gets tired. Another woman shared she just got rid of a fever. The third woman said she now experiences aches and pains.

The conversation went on until the lady on the other side of the jeepney interrupted.

In my peripheral, I saw her pull something from her bag and give it to the three women sitting in front of her.

Curious, I looked at what it was.

I saw brown dry leaves.

Then the stranger continued.

“You can drink it with hot water. You only need a small amount of those.”

The three women fell silent. I think they were surprised when the stranger interrupted in the middle of their conversation. Just to be nice, all they did was nod in agreement.

As I continued listening to them, I heard the stranger say:

“You know what, I am a cancer survivor and that really helped improve my health.

I also gave the same leaves to a friend who has a brain tumor. She’s now doing well.

I also drink that everyday to avoid cough and flu.

It also helps with itchy skin.”

She went on and on.

The three women, being polite, agreed with everything she was saying.

Then the woman continued.

“Nuns are also using that. In fact, I found it planted near the church.

I got some and planted them in my garden so I don’t have to go back to the church often.”

The three women stayed silent.

After a few minutes, the woman got off the jeep, but before she left, she said…

“I am a teacher in this public school” The school where she dropped off.

Before she left, the three ladies thanked her and waved goodbye.

After the teacher got off, they continued the conversation about the dry leaves.


Their tone had now changed from being surprised and curious to acknowledging.

I heard one of these ladies reiterate that the woman was a teacher. The other one restated that the leaves were used by nuns.

Hearing those comments made me think…

What if the stranger had mentioned she was a teacher at the start of their conversation – would the other women have paid more attention?

Would the women ask more questions?

Would they exchange conversation?

I think so.

This all reminded me of one supplement copywriting lesson. And that is to…

Sprinkle Credibility Throughout Your Copy

If you are a supplement business and you want to build people’s trust in your brand, make use of credibility.

Just like the jeepney story I shared with you…

Using credibility changes people’s perception about you or something you are selling.

When I write copy for the supplement market, I make sure to include names of credible people and resources.

My favorite is using names of doctors, scientists and researchers who contributed to the study.

For example: Harvard Scientists discovered a new breakthrough to keep your skin satiny smooth.

I also use the names of universities like Harvard, Stanford and Oxford to support scientific claims.

For example: Stanford University has recently discovered a super compound found in grapes can help boost your brain power.

I also include names of journals and publications if necessary.

For example: A study published in the scientific journal Neuron shows that eating flavonoid-rich foods can help grow a younger brain.

This way, your prospects will know that whatever information you included and claimed in the sales piece is true and not just hearsay or opinion.

Doing this helps you build trust in your brand, which may eventually lead to more sales.

So the next time you write, sprinkle some credibility on your copy. The earlier you use it on the page, the better.

By the way, just to add reputation to the stranger: that stranger was my high school teacher. She teaches history. And a brave cancer survivor, indeed.