As some of you may know, the supplement industry is a sophisticated market. And, a lot of copywriters are wanting to be part of it.

However, only a handful stay. A few succeed. And the rest takes their U-turn to take the other route to another market.

Because here’s the thing…

Writing for the supplement space is not similar to writing blogs and articles in another industry. Well, so I thought before.

But as I immersed myself in the supplement market, I learned that the hardest part is…

Well, not writing.

But coming up with big ideas and hooks that will separate your business from your competition.


Because your customers have read and heard it all. What you think is unique might be old news for them. And, what you believe they would agree with might be their biggest regret.

Therefore, if you want to really succeed in the supplement space – and make your customers buy from you instead of competition – here are three (not-so-simple) ways to find your big idea.

Part 1: Research The Ingredients
Part 2: Research Case Studies And Presentations
Part 3: Research Histories And Folklores

Let’s start with the first one: Research your supplement ingredients

Personally, I start with the ingredients research. This is because each ingredient has stories to tell.

Using Google Scholar, Pubmed, or, you can easily find useful information about each of your supplement ingredients.

But I only look at certain details that will help me write the copy including the…

  • Origins
  • Benefits
  • Clinical studies
  • Scientific researches and published journals that support the claims of each ingredient

Why do I do this?

Simply because by looking at each ingredient, you’ll find an interesting angle that will help you write unique stories.

For an instance, when I was writing about a sleep supplement, I found out that one of its ingredients, lemon balm, was used by Charles the Great as a relaxation herb.

He even asked to plant the lemon balm in his territory so he could have access to it anytime.

Today, lemon balm is used as a great calmative for people with depression and anxiety.

I had an “aha” moment with that information.

While I can simply write a headline like…

Breakthrough Technology Discovers Solution to Sleep Problem

I came up with a different and unique headline…

Charles The Great’s Secret to A Peaceful Sleep, Despite The Threat Of Rebellion Studies show it addresses sleep disturbances, promotes a sense of calm, and maintains a normal uninterrupted sleep.

The second headline is a winner.

While it wasn’t tested, two direct response companies signed me in after they read the headline and the copy.

And, when I showed my friends and colleagues the headline, they were interested to know what it was and where to get it.

That just made me smile and say, I’ve got a winner.

Anyway, looking back at the ingredients history, as well as the benefits of each ingredient, you can come up with creative ideas that will persuade your audience to read more.

So, being creative on your headline can make a whole lot difference to the results of your promotion.

Now, you may be asking…

What if my supplement product has more than one ingredient, which should I choose?

While some copywriters chose to use the supplement with the biggest dosage, I use the ingredient that has the best story.

In fact, the sleep supplement I mentioned above has only 10 mg of lemon balm.

But for me, it doesn’t matter. As long as you can come up with great idea from the ingredients, then you are good to go.

One thing to note…

You should take the research seriously. Because that’s how the best hook and ideas are made.

So, do your research if you want to write a supplement copy that will beat the control.