How Veriheal Express Generated 92% Open Rate And 1% Conversion Rate From Its First Ever Product Launch



Veriheal launched their new business, Veriheal Express.

Veriheal Express is a CBD store where people can buy potent and effective CBD products from the comforts of their home. This includes products like tinctures, gummies, and creams.


After almost a month of back-and-forth, Anthony from Veriheal reached out to get help with their first email campaign.

They want to inform their customers about the new Veriheal Express store. At the same time, generate sales.


Veriheal Express generated 92% open rate when we did the Deep Dive Survey. It eventually converted to a total of 1% sales just after we sent the 3rd email from the sequence.

The Problem - "We want to continue communicating with these people"

Veriheal helps people in the US get easy and fast Medical Marijuana Card approval.

In fact, the company has helped over 100,000 people get their cards approved.

With that, they are getting an influx of emails and requests for potent and effective CBD products. So, they launched Veriheal Express to cater their clients’ demands.

Now, they are ready to get the word out about Veriheal Express, drive traffic to their store, and make sales.

The Action - "We actually are interested in having you write some copy for us"

Almost 1 month after our initial conversation, Anthony reached out again.

He discussed in detail their needs and requirements. After two days, we signed an agreement. And, I immediately started working on their product launch sequence.

The Process - "Excited to get you going on this project"

Veriheal has an existing 30,000 client list, which I leveraged and used to our advantage.

I took 10,000 people from the 30,000 list and did a Deep Dive Survey to know and understand their clients’ major pain points.

I also did my proprietary market research and product research strategy to get more of an idea about the needs and desires of their existing market.

After 3 days of thorough research, I started drafting the email sequence strategy.

It consists of 10 emails. The first two emails include information about the benefits of CBD, proof that it works, and teasers for the upcoming launch.

The rest of the emails tackle details about the offer. This includes the timeline, added bonuses, testimonials, and scarcity.

The Turning Point - "We are now at 92% Response Rate"

After we sent out the Deep Dive Survey to the first 10 thousand people in the list, I received an email from Anthony telling we’ve got 92% open rate.

This is the first email:

Case Study Client Message

After 22 minutes, I received this email:

Case Study Client Message

Initially, the team’s goal was just to make any sales.

But the results of the campaign surprised them.

The Results - "We had a couple of sales"

We decided to send the email sequence to the first 5,000 people on the list to test the response and conversion rate.

After we sent out the first three emails from the sequence, Veriheal’s Marketing Head sent me a message telling they’ve got a “couple of sales already.”

Case Study Client Message

Based on the initial stats they provided, they generated over 1% sale from the test group alone.

That is 50 sales out of the 5,000 people.

Future Growth - "Let's do this!"

We have noticed that there were several abandoned carts.

So, the next step is to create an abandoned cart sequence to remind those who added orders to check out.

Also, the team is looking to create a nurture sequence to improve their audience’s understanding on the benefits of CBD to their health.

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