How Rob Abbott, A Leading Family Resident Doctor, Generated a 35% Increase In His Organic Traffic, And Doubled His Email List Through Improving His Landing Page Copy



Rob released the 2nd version of his evidence-based e-book that compiles different Integrative and Functional Medicine Educational Resources for patients, doctors, and students. He had the first version of the e-book in 2017, but he struggled to get more sign ups.


Rob accepted my offer to write a landing page copy for his new e-book. With my help, we were able to come up with a compelling copy that resonates with his audience so they will sign up and download his new e-book.


He generated 35% increase in his website’s organic traffic and doubled his email list in less than two months. In just 3 days, were able to get 60 new email list subscribers without any promotion and ad spent.

The Problem - "Copywriting is not my thing."

Rob has written the copy for his website, including the blogs, resources, and landing page. While he has done the writing and generated traffic for his website, he knows he has not done enough work on persuading more people to sign up and download his e-books.

Copywriting is not his thing. He even admitted that he is foreign to it. He also said that people who have spent time learning the craft know and can do copywriting better.

The Action - "I decided to take the plunge and worked with April"

I’ve been offering Rob my copywriting service. He did not take the offer instantly, but he showed interest in his future projects.

After several weeks, I followed up with Rob, and he decided to take the plunge and work with me to write the landing page copy of his new e-book.

“She showed so much interest in my field. Who am I to ignore her enthusiasm? You can seldom see that attitude in copywriters.”

The Process - "I shared the old landing page and access to the new e-book for more ideas"

Rob provided me with everything I needed to start the copy. He shared with me the old landing page and access to the new e-book for more ideas.

Right after I got all the information and research materials, the work begins. The process looks like this:

  • Using all the data provided, I researched and reviewed the underlying motivation of his prospects, which we used and leveraged for writing the landing page.

  • From there, I did 2-days worth of research. I used all the info we got, plus some additional sites and products I could use for getting down the language of his ideal leads.

  • In contrast to the old landing page, which was somehow too formal and full of jargons, I made the copy simple, straightforward, and more compelling.  

Since Rob’s target market includes students and common people, who might be interested in integrative medicine, I changed the copy to a simpler version using no hifalutin terms commonly used by Doctors, Nurses, and other experts in the field of Medicine.

  • I also include three bullets that explain the benefits of using the resources for students, patients, and doctors.

The Turning Point - "After I read the copy, I felt motivated to get it!”

After a week, I shared the copy with Rob.

He was totally impressed.

“She was able to describe the e-book content in a clear, simple yet persuasive way. I really like it. After I read the copy, I felt motivated to get it!” Rob exclaimed.

He only made little tweaks on the overall copy. ˆ”The only small thing I would change would be my name has a small typo at the end. It’s Abbott, not Abbot.

The Results - “It’s going pretty well so far! Added 60 people to the list just now.”

After 3 days of using the copy, he finally started getting sign-ups and downloads all from organic leads.

“It’s going pretty well so far! Added 60 people to the list just now.

Things only got better from there.

After two months of using the copy, he was able to generate a 35% increase in his website traffic and almost doubled his email subscribers from 615 to around 1222 subscribers.

Future Growth - "Hiring a copywriter is worth the money and time investment"

In order to boost more conversion, Rob can utilize paid ads to get more sign ups to his newsletter, which he can later on leverage by sending regular broadcast emails.

He can also send out more information about integrative medicine and how it can help restore health. Later on, he can introduce his services to his list and discuss how it can help them improve their lifestyle.

Doing this will help him land paying clients in the long-run.

Rob realized that working with a copywriter, who has vast knowledge on copywriting, someone who understands audience language and know-how of the right wordings that resonate with audience is worth the money and time investment.

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