How A Supplement Business Generated An
Additional $16,647
On Top Of Their Sales Through Emails



A supplement company selling anti-aging products reached out because they needed help with writing their email campaign. They generate decent sales annually but realized they were leaving money on the table by not sending emails.


We talked about their business, their goals, and their existing marketing efforts. After the initial meeting, I came up with a plan to help boost their sales.


After just 90 days of setting up their new thank you and abandoned email sequence, this company has generated an additional $16,647 in sales, and these numbers are still growing.

The Problem - A Lot Of Abandoned Carts

This anti-aging company had been in business for around 5 years. Their sales were doing great. However, when they checked their abandoned sales, they realized they had a lot of abandoned cart orders. 

While they had an existing abandoned cart sequence, that just wasn’t converting. So, they thought of writing a better converting sales copy to turn those abandoned carts into actual sales. 

That’s when they reached out to me. 

The Action - Recover The Abandoned Sales

After the onboarding call, I immediately hopped in to help with their email sequence. 

My goal was to help them recover those abandoned carts so they would generate more sales. At the same time, I wanted to write a thank you email sequence so that their customers would know about their exclusive offers, promos, and discounts. 

However, before I even wrote a single word, I asked the company to give me access to their Klaviyo account.

And they agreed. 

The Process - I Took Advantage Of Their 11,000+ Email Subscribers

This supplement business had over 11, 000 people on their email lists. 

In order to write a more effective and converting copy, I took advantage of these 11,000+ subscribers. I sent out a deep dive survey to understand their customers’ biggest pain points. 

After gathering at least 100 responses, I proceeded with writing the copy. 

After 2 weeks of writing both their thank you and abandoned cart sequence, the team uploaded the emails to Klaviyo. The emails went out on January 2020.

We waited for the conversion.

The Results - Additional $16,647 For The First 3 months Of 2020

We got our first $8,250 sales from emails in January. 

We generated a further $6,747 in February.

And we got $1,650 over the first 15 days of March. 

Overall, my emails generated the company an additional $16,647 for the first 3 months of the year. 


Additional $16,647 Image

Future Growth - Double Or Even Triple The Initial Sales

Right now, our focus is to continue to tweak the two email campaigns (thank you email and abandoned cart email) to get the most conversions. 

Later on, we’ll be sending out browse abandonment, customer win back, and  upsell emails to double or even triple the sales we generated from the initial emails. 

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