How I Generated $1, 523.70 In 5 Days
Just By Writing 4 Emails



I am one of the first batch of students of an email copywriting course geared toward Filipinos. The program founders re-opened the enrollment to help more aspiring copywriters learn and earn from writing emails.

To generate more new students, they invited their first batch of students to become an affiliate and promote the enrollment.

In return, affiliates would receive 50% commission for each officially enrolled student. The course was priced at $199.


The open cart began on Monday morning. I wrote my first email on Monday afternoon, the second on Tuesday, the third on Thursday and the fourth on Friday.


On Monday, I received an email from the course affiliate department about the leaderboard update.

I was surprised that I’d snatched the top crown out of the 16 affiliates. After several days, I also received the final numbers, which showed that I earned $1,523.70 in just 5 days by sending out only 4 emails.

The Problem - Generate More Enrollees Outside Of Their Personal Network

A local email copywriting course opened their cart last February 16, 2020 to welcome new students who were interested to learn and earn from email copywriting. 

As per the coaches, the first batch of their students (of which I was included) were already part of their network, which is why enrollment was a breeze. 

Their goal was to generate more enrollees outside of their personal network. 

That’s why they decided to seek help from their first batch students to promote the course. 

In return, affiliates would get 50% commission for each official student they brought in. The copywriting course was priced at $199 for full payment and $249 for those paying via payment options. 

The Action - Opportunity To Become An Affiliate

The coaches sent out this opportunity to become an affiliate via email on February 14, 2020, Friday. The course  began on February 16, Monday. 

When I read the email, I knew I wanted to become an affiliate. 

On that same day, I saw my classmates starting to promote the course and inviting their network to sign up through their link. 

However, I was on a trip that weekend so I wasn’t able to write any emails during that time. I started on Monday. 

The Process - I Sent Out A Broadcast Email To My Email List Of 299 People

As one of the course students, I knew exactly what the email copywriting course was offering. I knew that this program was worth their money, so writing the email copy was easy for me. 

To make the offer sweeter, I also added special bonuses on top of the existing offer.

I sent out the email as a broadcast campaign to my email list of 299 people. I also decided to publish the same email on my Facebook, with some tweaks, since I had a lot of aspiring copywriter friends. 

One of my email list subscribers replied and asked me if it was still worth it to invest in the course since he’d already enrolled in another very similar program. He also mentioned a personal struggle, which he thought was one major reason he couldn’t implement the lessons. 

That gave me a light bulb idea. 

Based on his mentioned struggle, I realized that other people in my email list might have the same problem. So, I added another bonus on top of my existing bonus to help him and other students with the same problem. 

The Results - 17 People Signed Up Through My Referral Link

I was overwhelmed by the results. 

On the first day, I only got 1 signup. However, after I added the new bonus, signups poured in. 

On the second day, I got 3 signups.

On the third day, I got another 6 signups. 

And on the last day, I got 7 more signups. 

Overall, I convinced 17 people to sign up through my referral link. 

Some of them even emailed and messaged on Facebook to tell me that my offer was a no-brainer and they really needed the help with it. 

The two coaches even told me that during their final webinar, a student was asking for my affiliate link. 

After the cart closed on Friday, I received an email on Monday telling me that I was the top affiliate for this local email copywriting course. After several days, I also received the final numbers, which showed that I earned $1,523.70 in just 5 days by sending only 4 emails. 

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My personal goal is to help my clients achieve the same – boost their sales by writing email copy that converts and come up with offers that their customers can’t resist. 

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